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Event Marketing Strategies

Content Development

Design Scenic Environments

3d and Cad Work

Budgets and Milestone Planning

Production Management

​Audio Visual

On-Site Execution

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Social Media Support and Content

Measured Results

Product Launches, C-Suites, Annual Meetings, Conventions, Awards Shows, Gala's, Non-profits


For C-Suite,  Conventions,  New Product Roll Outs,  Conferences and Galas

Event Marketing Strategies-  We work with your marketing team, and discuss effective ways to enhance your goals.

And by obtaining previous analytics we can determine what strategies and best practices can be obtained to reach your audience.

Science -  By using Cognitive and Development concepts we are able to determine how groups will act upon the information

presented. And by determining our target group we can present  material more effectively.

Creative Content Development -  Ideas and storylines are developed into real-work, real-life presentations through storyboards,

scripting, pre-vis, animatics, animation, graphics and power point that assist us with predetermined end results.

Design and Scenic Environments - Your attendees can experience your ideas the moment they enter the venue. Immerse them 

with your brand, let them know there is more to discover as they enter the ballroom. We design environments specifically for you

and within your budget.

3D and Cad Work-  Once the concepts are developed we begin 3d graphic designs and cad drawings if needed. We know the

basics such as sight lines, ceiling treatments, traffic flow and audience layouts, but we like to look at the event as a whole and

determine what the audience will experience.

Budgets / Milestone Planning -  Knowing what to budget for, and how to best utilize funds to make the most of your event is

important. We look at the core needs first and build options from there.

Production Management -  AEG is a group of great people who are able to manage our clients' needs. We hand select gear,

engineers, and our scenic team. We listen, plan, listen again and support our client's needs, set milestones.

Audio Visual - We supply Audio, Video, and  Lighting for 20 people to a 12,000 person crowd. We have you covered on the latest gear, best quality, and we'll let you know the most effective way to get there.

On-Site Execution -  Time spent in pre-production is rewarded with effective execution. Knowing the plan, making it work and 

how to adjust when needed is what we do best. We have a team of experts, who have performed  hundreds of events and

live for challenges.

Social Media -   By developing social media strategies, and utilizing Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and

Constant Contact we can create just the right tools to ensure interaction well past the conclusion of your event.

Measured Results -   By collecting analytical data upon conclusion of your event, we then present the information on potential

clients, their buying habits and where they are likely to spend etc... Sales Teams love us!

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