​​We listen to our clients and their expectations and match them with team members who best

serve their visionary needs. We live for firsts, and deliver productions that make a measurable difference.

AEG is a Creative and Effective Event Production House that  exceeds

the limits of conventional presentations. As Storytellers we are driving industry

standards and advancing the thresholds of Live Production.


We simply go above and beyond the

normal scope of Event Production​​.

We're fresh, trusted, smart, effective and

proven leaders with creative design, execution,

                                                         and ecstatic clients.

Event Creation

Creating Events that Inspire People

Let's escalate the reasons why in the next few pages...

                     So  Why Choose us?

Events should be intelligent, thought provoking and engaging.


Engagement Solutions

Our accomplishments are measured not only by interaction but by organic connections that

embrace both presenters and audiences well beyond the intial event.

Audience Engagement Group